Welcome to the site that answers all of your Nespresso Questions

Are you already one of the extremely talented and beautiful owners of a Nestle Nespresso Machine?

Or are you a wannabe owner?

Either way, “Everything-Nespresso” will answer your general or more indepth questions about these fantastically sleek and super cool espresso machines, that use cute little single serve coffee capsules.

You can also click through this site to find information on Nespresso Boutiques which are popping up in all the hip and trendy cities of the world. Or maybe you’ve seen ads of George Clooney sipping great looking coffee, in some romantic location and want to know more!

Everything-Nespresso also covers topics of where the coffee came from and how it is blended. Things a coffee connoisseur like yourself would want to know.

Are these some of your questions?

• “What on earth are those little pods?

• Is it manly enough for me? (Hello, it’s man enough for George Clooney)

• What are the different types of machines and what they can do? Can I create a half-strength-decaf-trim-soy latte?

• Where does the coffee come from? Is it fair trade and can I recycle those little coffee pods? I don’t want to feel guilty using this machine.

• What accessories are available for my new espresso machine? What do I need to produce foamy, smooth froth for the top of my cappuccino?

• Do I need to spend more time cleaning the machine than I do drinking the coffee? Cleaning is not my strong suit.

If this site doesn’t provide answers to your questions send us a note. We want to provide all the information you need.

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